Got Talent Brasil, Rio de Janeiro 2013

Got Talent Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 2013

Marcus Paulo

In 1994, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an 8 years old kid starts dancing.

Inspired by Michael Jackson and 80's/90's Street Dance fever, as well Latin American music, he decided get deeper into the dancing world, starting by using his small sleeping room shared to his two brothers, as his dancing place.

Years passed and talent and passion have made things get into serious making that small room no more enough for his moves, what made him start searching for technic and information sources.

In 2001 and 2002 the kid keeps on growing together with his passion and starts studying dance, first by take some classes with his favorite dance crew (Over Night), then later at schools like "Galpao Aplauso Rio".

In 2005, Marcus turns 18 years old, so it's time to teach his first official class in a local Dance & Fitness Center.

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2014

Effretikon Stadthaussasal Theater, Zurich, 2019

Resumed timeline


1994 Started dancing

2001 Started taking regular classes

2002 Won his first Dance Competition in Rio, Brazil

2005 - 2006 Teached officially for the first time - Art Mania Dance & Fitness - Rio, Brazil

2007 Organized his first dance event (GBG Dancing Festival)

2008 - 2009 Studied and danced at the Aplauso International Dance Company

2009 Studied Ballroom Dance at Dance Times Square - New York USA

2010 - 2015 Worked as Dance Teacher for School Projects from Rio's Government 

2013 Finalist of the Got Talent Brasil

2013 - 2016 Latin & Brazilian Zouk at the Ponto de Equlibrio DC - Rio, Brazil

2014 Founded, acted and managed the Código Brasil Dance Company

2015 Teached and performed as Dancing Maestro at the Costa Cruises Ships.

2016 Opened, teached and managed the Moriah Dance Studio - Rio, Brazil.

2017 Started teaching at Dance4fun Dance School -  Zurich, Switzerland.

2017 Created the Bachateros Treff , Open Classes & Party in Zurich, Switzerland.

2018 Started teaching at the Dance Gallery - Zurich, Switzerland.

2020 Concluded the Bachata World Dance Mastery by Daniel & Desiree.

2021 Teaches at Dance Gallery and Dance4fun. Still organizing and teaching at the Bachateros Treff and other events by the MP Productions.

Serves bookings for Workshops and Shows at events and festivals thru Europe specially Switzerland.

Gives private classes for Weddings; Private events and Dance improvers.

Moriah Internat. Dance Studio, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2015

Codigo Brasil Dance Company, Rio de Janeiro, 2013

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2015

Cidade da Música Theater, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

Sapatille Dance School, Rio de Janeiro, 2011