Got Talent Brasil, Rio de Janeiro 2013

Got Talent Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 2013

Marcus Paulo

In 1994, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an 8 years old kid starts dancing.

Inspired by Michael Jackson and 80's/90's Street Dance fever as Latin American music, he decided get on this crazy dancing world by making his small sleeping room that he had to share with his brothers, as his dancing place.

Years passed and things got in serious and that small started to be not enough, making him start searching for technic and information source. Then grows youth and starts studying dance by take some classes.

That would make him start sharing his biggest passion by taking the challenge of giving his first classes in 2005, in a local fitness center.

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2014

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2014

Stadthaussasal Theater, Zurich, 2019

1994 Started dancing

2001 Started take classes

2002 Won his first Dance Competition

2005 Started teaching

2007 Started organizing events by the GBG Dancing

2008 Student/Dancer - Aplauso Internat. Dance Company

2010 Dance Teacher - School Projects from Rio's Government 

2013 Finalist - Got Talent Brasil

2013 Latin/Zouk student - Ponto de Equlibrio Dance School

2014 Dancer/Director - Código Brasil Dance Company

2015 Dancing Maestro - Costa Cruises Ships

2016 Owner/Director/Teacher - Moriah Dance Studio

2017 Started teaching in Switzerland.

2017 Created the Bachateros Treff

2020 Dance Teacher - Dance Gallery; Dance4Fun; Bachatreff; Private

Costa Cruises Ship, Europe/Caribbean, 2015

Codigo Brasil Dance Company, Rio de Janeiro, 2013

Cidade da Música Theater, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

Moriah Internat. Dance Studio, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Sapatille Dance School, Rio de Janeiro, 2011